The 6 AND LINE Center for Storytelling is a non-profit organization that uses the medium of documentary filmmaking and arts & culture to create positive change and address social issues.

Founded by producer Sidra Smith, our non-profit collaborates with institutions and organizations to create documentaries and art & culture projects that encourage active engagement in cultural and community life. Through our productions, we strive to raise awareness, foster understanding, inspire positive change, and provide educational opportunities for individuals and communities.

With a strong focus on celebrating diversity, inspiring individuals, and promoting education, we aim to make a positive impact.

Mission & Focus

Our mission is to produce documentaries and art & culture projects that highlight social issues, raise awareness, and inspire action. Our focus is on addressing topics such as human rights, LGBTQIA+, environmental sustainability, social justice, healthcare, education, poverty, substance use prevention and overdose, or other relevant social issues.

Storytelling & Filmmaking

We utilize the power of storytelling through documentary filmmaking to convey impactful narratives and shed light on social issues. This involves researching, writing, directing, and producing documentaries that are engaging, informative, and emotionally resonant. The documentaries may feature interviews, personal stories, expert analysis, and compelling visuals to effectively communicate the message.

Art & Culture

The 6 And Line Center for Storytelling is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the transformative power of art and culture. Our mission is to foster creativity, inspire dialogue, and enrich communities through various artistic initiatives and cultural programs.

We believe that art and culture play a vital role in shaping society and fostering a sense of belonging. Through our diverse range of activities, we aim to create a platform for artists, cultural practitioners, and community members to come together and explore the beauty and significance of art and culture.

One of our key objectives is to showcase the work of local and emerging artists. We curate exhibitions that feature a wide range of artistic expressions, including painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. By providing a space for artists to showcase their work, we aim to support their creative journey, tell their stories and connect them with a broader audience.

Collaborations & Partnerships

We collaborate with various stakeholders, including non-profit organizations, community groups, activists, experts, artists, and individuals directly affected by the social issues being addressed. These collaborations help ensure accurate representation and access to resources. Partnerships may also be formed with broadcasters, streaming platforms, film festivals, and other distribution channels to maximize the impact and reach of the documentaries.

Impact Measurement & Evaluation

We place a strong emphasis on measuring and evaluating the impact of its documentaries. This involves tracking metrics such as audience reach, engagement, behavior change, policy influence, and community empowerment. Impact measurement helps assess the effectiveness of the documentaries in creating social change and informs future projects and strategies.

Outreach & Engagement

We actively engage with audiences through screenings, panel discussions, workshops, and educational programs. These activities aim to foster dialogue, raise awareness, and inspire action among viewers. The company may also develop educational resources, discussion guides, and impact campaigns to further engage and empower audiences.


As a non-profit organization, we rely on various sources of funding to support our operations and documentary productions. This can include grants, donations from individuals and organizations, corporate sponsorships, and partnerships with like-minded foundations.